HSN Sucks

This blog was created to vent frustrations and give personal opinions regarding the Home Shopping Network aka HSN. Anyone may post here.


3 Responses to “HSN Sucks”

  1. hsnsucks Says:

    Just for starters, check out


    HSN’s ratings are pitiful. Currently, the have a lifetime rating of 2.36. That is out of a possible rating of 10.

  2. hsnsucks Says:

    Also, go here to read about some of the problems folks are having with HSN


  3. Hapee Says:

    HSN has the rudest customer service reps I have ever had to deal with. And don’t even try to complain on any of their public options such as the forum. The boards are moderated by a person who is completely biased and will remove any negative comments. However, their forums are a blessing for attackers. Many of the posters there are attacked daily by the “in” crowd. When those posters attempt to defend themselves, they are then banned by the forums moderator. So, if attack and harassing innocent posters is your thing, you should fit right in there. Otherwise, I would say avoid HSN at all costs, purchasing there is not what it used to be.

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